“The best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” President T. Roosevelt

One Hundred Day Plan - #Shaker100

This time of transition has provided an opportunity to build on Shaker’s past to position our City for the future.  Shaker is a resilient city and we keep it that way by building on our assets.  That’s why my Mayoral administration will focus on three pillars from the moment I am sworn into office:

1) Core Services and Infrastructure:  Let’s work together to ensure that our services meet expectations and that our roads and sewers contribute to, not detract from, our housing values. I will…

  • invest in our infrastructure needs by responsibly utilizing excess reserves.

  • pursue outside funding for projects to stretch our tax dollars further.

  • collaborate with union leadership representing our staff to recognize and promote quality public service, especially as it relates to contact with city residents.

  • work towards the availability of household food waste composting to reduce waste fees.

  • expand our sustainability work, including no-pesticide care of fields and energy reduction strategies. 

  • continue to create more free options for enjoying our parks and protect the green space in every neighborhood.

2) Financial Sustainability:  We need to focus on economic development that builds our neighborhoods and favors home grown businesses, including minority-owned and women-owned businesses.  We need more transparency in the budgeting process. I will continue my long-standing work of engaging with school leaders, library leaders, and neighborhood leaders to decide over time how best to allocate and coordinate our limited resources. I will…

  • pursue income tax relief for residents if our reserves continue to grow.

  • build our team by filling the long-vacant Director of Economic Development position.

  • bring together representatives from the library and schools, in a public planning session.

  • ensure that our economic development work covers the entire city.

  • bring residents into the budget process including by creating a budget calendar that has committee input, so that resident representatives can work directly as partners in creating the budget.

  • investigate the usage of OhioCheckbook.com as a publicly searchable online platform for tracking city spending.

  • work with the leadership of every adjacent city, carefully listening for partnership opportunities that could increase services or decrease costs.

  • pursue sustainability efforts that will reduce expenses.

3) Engagement and TransparencyGovernment works best when we can see it.  At a time when building trust with all of us, in every neighborhood, is of such critical importance, I will work for greater transparency.  Bringing more people’s voices into the conversation is critical to moving Shaker forward. I will…

  • establish an Advisory Council of neighborhood leaders that will identify both challenges and solutions.

  • take a listening tour of neighborhood meetings, making sure to note and connect common themes.

  • attend a school board meeting, meet individually with each member of the school board, and meet with district administration, to make sure that community feedback to the schools also reaches the city.

  • list city committees online with a description and contact information and will make appointments to add new voices to the discussion.

  • reshape committees to better reflect current issues and work toward an online application process in time for 2019 reconfiguration and appointments.

  • evaluate the process of becoming a certified “Welcoming City” (welcomingamerica.org) to help us pursue concrete steps as we become a community that is even more welcoming for all of us.

  • lead an interactive city summit, after the first 100 days, reporting out on this plan and the State of the City.